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Totally not relevant to the dating sim, but whatever. 

I made a Kefka x Terra sketch thingy.  Cause. 

Also, Terra is an adult, she just has a petite figure.  Cause it would be totally weird if she wasn’t.

Eeeuuuh… Hmm…  Look for some special updates with this picture in the future, yeah…  *eyeballs Sabrina*  Mmmhm.

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ff+ kefka

"Not another one…I don’t think I can go through this again—"


"Why—why would someone think…I would ever willingly submit to…to—that?

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ff+ Celes

"But Celes doesn’t talk like that. And she wouldn’t do that."

"…And I don’t talk like that, either. This sounds more like a conversation I heard a pair of maids in Figaro having."

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E023 || odiumstulte, wandereroftime


Kefka let out a quiet sigh as he mulled over her paperwork, making sure to memorize as many details of it as he could. The words ‘high security’ and ‘restricted clearance’ seemingly to be the more prominent ones. Unfortunately he didn’t quite know what to expect, he had heard Cid talk about the half-esper before, but had never actually laid eyes on her. Kefka didn’t know wether he should be expecting a child or a monster, a fact that troubled him dearly.

Showing his ID to the guard, he waited as the large bulkhead door was opened, gulping down any anxiety he might have had and stepping into the chamber. Kefka was surprised to find that a little girl lay motionless on the floor in front of him, her back facing the entrance. Taking a step in he cleared his throat. 

"*ahem* Uh, hello! My name is Kefka Palazzo, I’m a friend of Doctor Cid, you know, the man in the funny yellow suit? He told me that I should start coming to visit you." He tried to smile at the girl, knowing that life in a cage couldn’t be a very pleasant one. "Are you ok? Should I go get someone?" The young man questioned, an eyebrow quirking as he took another tentative step towards the girl, worried that she had her back to him

Still motionless, Terra’s brow furrowed a bit, making confused expression at the back wall. It wasn’t often she was directly addressed, and when she was, it was usually an order or a gruffly stated question that Terra never understood the importance of. But this man, whose boots made a heavier noise on the floor, she’d noticed, had just spoken to her much like the doctors spoke to each other. 

Not only that, but the feeling behind her nose that she’d feel sometimes, very faintly, had burned strongly since he’d entered. Peculiar. Peculiar enough to make her curious. She rolled onto her back and turned her head to look at him.

And immediately sat up and scrambled back as fast as she could, over the the lumpy cushion that she only occasionally slept on, until her back hit the glass and she could put no more distance between them.

He wasn’t dressed like a doctor. She’d never seen an outfit quite like his before, but it was close enough to that of the men who restrained her for the doctors to tell her that he had to be there for exactly that. She twisted her fists into the mattress, in the hopes that it would both aid in her resistance and delay any fire that may unintentionally fly from her fingers.

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